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Connected TV Ad Attention Grew in Q1


  • Overall attention to Connected TV ads rose to 51.5%, with premium CTV ads grabbing even more focus (56.1%). 
  • Premium CTV ads now outperform traditional linear TV ads in terms of attention.
  • CTV ad breaks under a minute capture the most attention (55.4%); the longer the break, the more engagement declines.
  • Like traditional TV, the first and last ads in a commercial block grab the most attention compared to those in the middle.

Every year, new upgrades in advertising technology have improved the experience of watching (and being served) ads on Connected TV. And a new study reveals that attention to quality is paying off, with more viewers glued to Connected TV ads than ever before. According to TVision, attention to CTV ads jumped to 51.5% in Q1 2024, up from 49.2% at the end of last year. And for premium CTV, the results are even better — attention soared from 51.7% to 56.1%. That jump means viewers are now more engaged with premium CTV than traditional TV ads, which only saw a modest increase from 54% to 54.5%.

The survey also found that timing and length significantly impacted viewer attention when it came to CTV ads. Ad breaks lasting less than one minute garnered the highest attention score at 55.4%, while those two- to three-minute ad breaks received a lower score of 50.8%. Breaks lasting more than five minutes unsurprisingly saw the least attention at 48.4%. The placement of ads within a commercial pod also plays a crucial role; like with linear TV, the first ad in an ad break captures the highest level of attention from viewers. Interestingly, the last ad also performs better than the middle spots, suggesting that both the beginning and end of an ad break are prime real estate for advertisers aiming to maximize viewer engagement.

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