Get Up to Speed on Unboxing Videos


  • 81% of shoppers research products online before making a purchase.
  • Unboxing videos are the fourth most influential content type social media users consider helpful when making purchase decisions.
  • 62% of people who view unboxing videos do so when researching a particular product.
  • At least 60 million hours have been spent watching other people open things [on YouTube].
  • Over 90,000 people type ‘unboxing’ into YouTube every month.

What is an Unboxing Video?

Remember the rush you felt as a kid ripping off wrapping paper from a present, eager to pry open the box to see what’s inside? Chances are, that jolt of adrenaline never went away as you got older. Enter: unboxing videos.

MNTN Research Unboxing videos

This video type is all about recreating that hyper-specific sense of childhood excitement. They easily allow you to instill in your target audience the thrill of opening your product for the very first time.

What started as an ad creative trend for tech vloggers in the mid-2010s, unboxing videos have exploded in popularity. The video type is now endlessly applicable for a myriad of industries, from tech to toys and beauty products. However, if you sell a subscription box, it goes without saying unboxing videos are tailor-made for this video type.  

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a CookUnity, Dollar Shave Club, or Nintendo. The fact is, if your product is delivered in a box, unboxing videos are a good option.

How it Works

Luckily, the complex explanation of an unboxing video is simple. They are advertisements, typically from a first-person perspective, that focus on a box being opened. This is where things get fun. After the box is opened, through creative elements like stop-motion, your audience can see everything they’ll get. The goal here is to help your target audience really envision the first impression you hope they’ll have of your product.

Typically, unboxing videos are shot live action. This allows the videos to take on a UGC (User-Generated Content) feel. However, if your primary distribution channel will be social media platforms, UGC is vitally important. Above all else, UGC-style videos help your ads appear native, blending into the content channel influencers are already making. 

Where else can Unboxing videos appear native? Connected TV platforms. Since unboxing videos have proliferated through every channel in adland, consumers are thirsty for visually engaging ad creative on the biggest screens in their home. If your unboxing video is going viral on socials, chances are you’ll grab similar engagement on CTV.

Want to really stand out from other unboxing content? Opt for animation, like stop-motion, to make your videos feel even more engaging. This may slightly increase your production budget, but what’s an extra penny if it brings back a dime?

Dissecting an Unboxing Video Example

To begin with, a typical unboxing video will start with a clear picture of a box that features your brand name and logo. Next, to show the box opening, you have a choice. You can use live action footage, like showing an actor’s hands pulling out your products one by one, or thread in some magical realism with stop-motion animation. This way you can showcase the box opening by itself as your products burst out in dynamic ways.

Finally, your last shot can be as simple or as complex as you want. But most importantly, don’t forget to focus on your product. Maybe you end with an image displaying your product line, or if you’re using animation, you can have the products spontaneously repack themselves up to remind viewers that, yes, everything literally comes in the box.

In other words, if it comes in a box, and then is taken out of said box, it’s perfect for an unboxing video. 

Top Industries for Unboxing Videos

  • Ecommerce
  • DTC
  • CPG
  • Tech

Top Use Cases for Unboxing Videos

  • Awareness 
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Effective Best Practices for Unboxing Videos

  • Layering in additional product features via design elements like on-screen text can act as subtle upsells to your target audience.
  • Post-production visual effects like motion graphics can reinvigorate your previously existing video assets.
  • Putting your product in a familiar environment, like a living room or home office, inspires direct relatability in audiences.
  • Combining unboxing content with lifestyle or testimonial videos can surface social proof, allowing the viewer to better imagine how they’ll enjoy your product.

Want to see an unboxing video in action? Check out how Colgate utilized the video type to introduce to the market their first Direct to Consumer Advanced LED Whitening Take-Home Kit.

An example of an unboxing video from Colgate

What the Industry is Saying

“In a November 2018 survey of U.S. vlog viewers, 27 percent of respondents stated that they watched product reviews and unboxings at least once a week.”


“The magic behind unboxing videos is that they tap into the child-like anticipation we all feel for something shiny and new.”

Think with Google

“Steve [Jobs] and I spent a lot of time on the packaging. I love the process of unpacking something. You design a ritual of unpacking to make the product feel special. Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.”

Walter Isaacson of Apple, Forbes

Recommended Reading

Want to expand your unboxing knowledge to get a firmer grip on the style before your next campaign? Look no further than this required reading list from industry thought leaders to kick off your ideating.

  • A guide on how to make unboxing videos for YouTube (Adobe)
  • A look at why unboxing videos have become a phenomenon on YouTube (Think With Google)
  • A guide on why unboxing videos work for eCommerce Digital Storefronts (QuickFrame by MNTN)
  • A guide to video marketing visual effects, like stop-motion animation, that are perfect for unboxing videos. (QuickFrame by MNTN)


Every brand needs videos that can act as a spotlight for their products. And if what you are selling comes in a box–and face it, what doesn’t nowadays–then unboxing videos are a creatively ingenious way to introduce your offering to the market. 

In summation, these videos don’t just act as simple plays to drive conversions or subscriptions; they can grow brand awareness and coax prospects further down the sales funnel. Built on finding ways to creatively show off your product in a new light, unboxing videos have become the most versatile and popular video type for putting your offering front and center in your ad creative.

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