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More Americans Use CTVs Than Watch Linear TV or Use Social Media


  • CTV devices are now ubiquitous in US homes, with nearly everyone having access to streaming services, digital audio, and even traditional TV through CTV.
  • More people now access content through CTV than through traditional TV or social media, but its user growth is slowing down as it approaches near-universal adoption.
  • Roku, a longtime brand leader in the CTV market thanks to its devices and operating systems, is experiencing a slowdown in user base growth.
  • By 2027, smart TVs will be the king of CTV, with over 75% of users opting for this convenient and built-in solution.

These days, everyone and their mom seems to watch Connected TV. And according to new data from eMarketer, that’s basically the case — over two thirds of Americans currently use CTV, and by 2028, the source expects those numbers to pass 250 million. However, while more people use Connected TVs now than watch traditional TV or use social media, that growth is expected to slow as user numbers approach saturation. 

So how are folks watching CTV content? Roku has long been an industry leader in the CTV space, thanks to its popular streaming devices and Roku-branded TVs. But in terms of overall share of use, no devices beat out smart TVs, thanks to the easy access to CTV content they offer. In fact, by 2027, eMarketer expects over 75% of CTV users to be accessing their content via a smart TV. Ultimately, with smart TVs becoming the go-to choice for CTV, it’s clear the future of streaming will be built-in.

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