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Viewers Name Netflix and Amazon As the Top Draws for a Streaming Bundle


  • Consumers subscribe to an average of 6.6 non-video entertainment apps, alongside 6.3 video streaming services. Young adults (18-34) averaged a whopping 16.7 subscriptions across various platforms, including social video, music, gaming, and more.
  • The perfect entertainment package goes beyond video — survey participants included music streaming, gaming subscriptions, and even non-entertainment services like internet in their ideal bundles.
  • Netflix and Amazon were the top choices for leading an entertainment bundle, with 15% and 12% of respondents, respectively.
  • 71% of respondents ranked high-speed internet as the most important element of an entertainment bundle, with Netflix following closely behind at 65%.

Over the last few months, a number of streaming bundles have been announced. Good thing, too: consumers have been indicating their interest in bundled subscriptions for a while now. New research from Hub Entertainment recently got the lowdown on consumer interest in bundles, finding that, on average, viewers are juggling around 13 streaming services. This was split fairly evenly between video entertainment (6.3 services) and other content like social video, music, gaming, and podcasts (6.6 services). And those ages 18-34 are leading the charge with a whopping 16.7 platforms.

The study also uncovered some insights about what consumers might be looking for in their perfect bundled experience. Most respondents (71%) said that they were interested in an entertainment bundle that also included high-speed home internet, with Netflix being a close second at 65%. And if they had to pick a brand to seal the deal, Netflix tops the list at 15%, with Amazon trailing slightly at 12%. Disney, on the other hand, was only a big-enough draw for 4% of respondents.

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